CTC and COVID-19

A message from CTC regarding the current coronavirus / COVID-19 situation

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Denmark has begun to ease, with various industries starting to re-open.  As such we are moving from online rehearsals with our shows to physical after the guidelines allow for this from June 8th.

We are still following the recommended steps to ensure the safety of our actors and creative team within this situation and have set up the following rules, based upon both the government guidelines and consultation with a healthcare worker, for both rehearsals and upcoming auditions:

– Please do not come to rehearsal or audition if you are showing symptoms, or think you may be at risk due to others near you being infected. Inform the director via email or phone asap in order that we can make new arrangements.
– Please bring a change of clothes to change in to for rehearsals, and change out of when leaving the rehearsal space.
– Please sanitise your hands on arriving and leaving the building, and during any breaks.
– Please bring your own drinks and snacks – no sharing of food or beverages permitted.
– Rehearsals and auditions will take place in small groups, in accordance with the spatial requirements of the venue at that time.
– Please adhere to the 1m distancing rule whilst it is in place. There may be some scenes where this is not possible, which we will discuss prior to starting and only proceed if all are comfortable.


We will be following the guidelines of the government as and when they change and ensure that we are continually checking in with the participants to ensure they feel comfortable.


For now, all scheduled physical CTC social events are on hold until we can safely find a new date.

This includes Open Stage and Play Readings. We have been running Play Readings as an online event and will continue to do so until further notice.

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