About Us

Who are we?

Copenhagen Theatre Circle (CTC) is an amateur theatrical society with performances and events taking place in English. The CTC is open to all who have an interest in being on stage, working behind the scenes and supporting in numerous other ways.

What do we do?

The main purpose of the CTC, according to the Statutes, is “to organise stage productions of a high standard in English”. This we do at least three times each season. At the moment, we produce a British pantomime during the Christmas/New Year period and two more productions, one in the spring and another in the early autumn.

Our other aim is “to stimulate interest in the various aspects of the theatre and in the art of acting through the organisation of workshops and other relevant activities”. This we do in various ways.

• Regular monthly events: Poetry & Pints, Improv Workshops and Play Readings.

• So-called “fringe” activities, by which CTC members are encouraged to develop theatre-related projects and bring them to fruition. Such projects can be anything that the committee considers to be worth supporting and promoting.

Open Stage, in which members of the general public are encouraged to come along and give a short performance to an invited audience.

• As a recent addition, a video club that produces videos for various purposes, including promoting our other activities.

For our shows we need not only actors and directors but all sorts of people to build scenery, make costumes, sell tickets, run lighting and sound, and the hundred and one things that it takes to organize a public performance. It almost doesn’t matter what your interests or skills are: if you’re enthusiastic we can certainly find something for you!

Why should I join the CTC?

Being a member entitles you to join in all the activities of the CTC for the current season, which runs from 1 October to 30 September. This means that you can audition to act in our stage productions, offer to direct a play, propose a theatre-related project, stand for the committee and vote in elections. Apart from this there are, as mentioned above, all manner of technical and administrative tasks that need to be done to keep the society flourishing. The main thing is that our members are active in some way or another.

We keep the members informed of what’s going on through e-mails and newsletters, and there is a permanent calendar on the website that is regularly updated.

We are beginning to take a more active attitude towards our members and intend to offer a range of “perks” in the near future. Members already qualify for substantial discounts on ticket prices to our shows, and we intend to extend this to other situations where presentation of a membership card will qualify for a discount.

What does it cost?

Ordinary annual membership is kr. 200. A family membership (a couple and up to two children under 18) costs kr. 300. If you join for the first time on or after 1st March (i.e. half way through the season) you pay half price.

You can join by paying into the CTC’s account with Danske Bank, No. (3336) 3121 025 078. Please make sure you supply your personal details when you pay so that we know who you are. And if you can, please give us a phone number and e-mail address for the membership list.

If you have any questions about membership, please write to us here.

How is the CTC run?

The CTC is constituted under Danish law as a forening and as such is required to have a constitution (see under Statutes) and an elected committee to run it. The Annual General Meeting, which is the sovereign decision-making body comprising the membership of the CTC, takes place in June of each year and, among other things, elects the committee for the coming season. The current committee, which was elected at the AGM in June 2014,  looks like this:

Jens Blegaa (Chair)
Katrina Marshall (Vice-Chair)
Christopher Osborn (Secretary)
Raymond Shinn (Treasurer)
Lisa Buckley (Membership)
Gaby Neubert-Luckner (Communications)
Malene Ford
Tina Juul
Cæcilie Laybourn