Meet your committee

The committee is the governing body of the CTC. The current committee was elected at the AGM in June 2016. You can  use the Contact us form to get in touch with the committee, if you have any questions about the CTC or suggestions for activities and plays.


Jens Blegaa (Chair)

Jens is  back in the chair’s … chair. When he’s not on the committee he likes flexing his acting muscles, most recently  in The Dining Room and Pygmalion. He also directed The Importance of Being Earnest and Beyond Therapy.


Josh Shires (Vice-chair)

When not handling all the vices of the CTC (no mean feat!), Josh keeps a firm grip on the Open Stage.


Rachel Kador (Secretary)

Rachel is the committe’s resident songbird, always ready to suggest a musical or two. You saw her in Robin Hood. Oh yes you did!


Andrew Blackwell (Treasurer)

With Andrew back in charge of the money, rest assured that no receipt will be left unturned.


Kristen Flanagan (Communications Manager)

Kristen made her CTC debut alongside Daisy the Cow in Robin Hood. In #Wonderland she played 10 different characters in the span of 40 minutes!


Seraina Nett (Membership Manager)

After giving her stage debut for the CTC as the evil mastermind Princess Pariah in Old King Cole, Seraina recently flexed her directorial muscle with #Wonderland in Topsy-Turvy.


 Andrew Whalley

Andrew is an analyst by day and an actor by night. You’ve seen him in Robin Hood, Kafka’s Dick and Topsy-Turvy. Stay tuned for his Igor in Pantostein in 2017!


Christopher Osborn

The CTC’s best Michael Caine impersonator is ready to blow the doors off our activities. Join him for play readings.