Meet the members


If you are a member of the CTC, you may at times wonder who these people are you keep seeing or hearing about. And if you are not (yet) a member, you may be curious as to who you might run into should you decide to become actively involved.

Well, here is your chance to learn more about current or past CTC members. Every month we will add new portraits of newcomers and stalwarts from on or off stage. Click on the names to see how they answer some questions about how and why they are involved with the CTC!

Nino Burini – joined 2010

Maureen Egerup – joined 1974

Gaby Neubert-Luckner – joined 2010

Mario C. D. Paganini – joined 2012

Sarah Whitehouse – joined 2012

Sébastien Bagot – joined 2011

Patrick Stack – joined in 1970

Cæcilie Laybourn – joined in 2014