Patrick Stack

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Denmark?16

From Ireland originally, moved to England at an early age and had schooling there. Moved to Denmark in 1967 and worked in an Architects Office.

Why and when did you get involved with the CTC?

I got involved with acting and the CTC around 1970.

How have you been involved with the CTC?

Started in Old Time Music Hall, as I remember, and designed posters, did set designs, acting, singing, front of house etc through the years. Was Chairman for a year or two and started the Newsletter, which was then called  “CTC – News and Views”. We had it for some years, I remember. This was all before e-mail and computers, so it was posted to members every month. Makes you think!! But then again I guess we were only about 40 or 50 members at the time.

What are your memories of the CTC?

We were blessed with some great actors and directors, which of course helped so much at the time. Most often we used real theatres for performances, which was a really great experience in learning the pros and cons. The projection required for the actors, the make-up had to be put on properly, and so on.

Many the times I can recall standing behind a side curtain waiting to make my entrance and just not being capable of remembering my FIRST LINE at all. Why am I standing here?? Why did I get into this Play?? Why, why, why…  and then of course you walk in and 99 times out of 100 it works! You remember your lines! You get comfortable, the audience titters, grins, laughs at the right things, cries sometimes, too, and then you know why you did it and why we all love it.

What is your greatest CTC achievement so far?

The time at the four day FEATS theatre festival  in Holland. A huge stage, minimal set,  500 people in the audience, Frank Theakston and I playing two guys living together, and he finds a lady so I have to move out. It was a comedy and I was trying to get the voice to be funny, but it wasn’t working. Going through our lines any place we could – still not good. It was frightening!

And then the night came, that unforgettable night, and as if by magic – I wish everybody could experience that night – no silly voice, it just came out pretty normal, but the TIMING worked! The audience laughed at the right lines. They laughed at the double takes, they laughed and laughed – I had them in the palm of my hand. There is no feeling like it. Frank and I walked off that stage in 7 th heaven, and I whispered to him; “Never again, Frank – We will never do that play again.” And we didn’t, but for one night it had been magic!

That is what can happen in theatre. When it’s good, it’s great – it reaches into your heart and takes you to another place.

– Patrick Stack

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This profile was published in October 2014.