Sarah Whitehouse

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Denmark?

Sarah Whitehouse

I’m originally from Norwich, in the UK, and I’ve been in Denmark for two and a half years.

Why and when did you get involved with the CTC?

I was “roped in” to being stage manager for Calendar Girls soon after I arrived in Copenhagen. I had actually offered to help with Aladdin later in the year but as soon as my name was on the list of willing victims there was no escape! Before I moved to Copenhagen I was involved in English amateur theatre in Geneva. I really loved it, so I wanted to find some way of keeping at it after I moved. CTC was the perfect opportunity.

How have you been involved with the CTC?

After I stage managed Calendar Girls I choreographed Aladdin, as well as playing the Genie of the Ring and being in the chorus! Since then I’ve helped out backstage and front of house, and I did the choreography for Old King Cole last year. I’m just about to start putting the cast of The Snow Queen through their paces, which is going to be really exciting.

What is your greatest CTC achievement so far?

Probably squeezing 20 people onto the stage at Krudttønden to dance to Jai Ho at Aladdin’s Bollywood wedding, and managing to get through 14 performances without any of the cast accidentally punching each other in the face!

What is your favourite play?

Being more of a dancer than an actor, I usually go to the theatre to see ballet. And I’m a total traditionalist, so I’m a sucker for a good performance of The Nutcracker just before Christmas. Just magical! That said, I’ve seen some wonderful plays since I’ve been in Copenhagen. In particular Wit and Bully Boy. We’re really lucky to have so much excellent quality English drama here.

Who would you cast as yourself in a movie of your life?

Natalie Portman –After Black Swan she’d be able to do the ballet-related bits better than me!

Tell us something that might surprise people.

I’ve lived in central Siberia.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Energetic (mostly!), loyal and honest (sometimes too honest!!)

Dinner for four – you and 3 others – living or otherwise – who would you invite and why?

Maya Plitseiskaya – the feistiest Russian ballerina ever, I’d love to hear her stories; Winston Churchill – one of the greatest men in British history, I would have so many things to ask him; and the Dalai Lama – to bring some mindfulness to the table.

– Sarah Whitehouse

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This profile was published in November 2014.