Sébastien Bagot

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Denmark?Seb CTC interview

I’m originally from Bretagne, France. Left when I was 23 to Atlanta and landed a few months later in Copenhagen. Which makes now 7 years in this beautiful city that I now call my home! ?

Why and when did you get involved with the CTC?

In January 2011, I auditioned for Allo-Allo and got 2 small parts, playing a joyful British airman & German soldier chilling in a café. I had never done theatre before but acting was something that I had always felt attracted to. When I got the part, I did not know what I was getting into. I did not even know what a prop was. But I learned a lot: rehearsal, stage, backstage, set, scene changes… Allo-Allo was not only a 4 month intensive theatre school, but a new social environment with amazing people whom became friends and family in DK!

How have you been involved with the CTC?

After Allo-Allo, I was a chorus member in the first CTC pantomime, Cinderella. Then, I auditioned for The Good Doctor and played the part of Antosha. My first lines in theatre! From a few lines, I jumped to the title role in Aladdin. And that was quite some work! Singing, dancing, British accent coaching…? On the side, I helped with set-building as much as I could for each play.

The last time I was on stage with the CTC was for The Dining Room where I played “the host” of the actual dining room. However, this play was a bit different for me as I was asked to compose a music soundtrack and to play it on stage on the guitar. Quite an experience!

Outside the theatre, I must have played at most CTC Open Stage events!

What is your greatest CTC achievement so far?

The Dining Room was the biggest achievement! Hosting the show as well as playing on stage the music that I composed was an absolutely amazing experience.
The CTC offered me my first acting experience for Allo-Allo in January 2011. A few years and plays later, they trusted me and gave me a new challenge on the music side. That’s what I love about the CTC!

What is your favourite play?

I recently saw the ballet The Lady of the Camellia at the old stage of The Royal Danish Theatre. I loved it!

Who would you cast as yourself in a movie of your life?

Tough question…. We all want to be the good guy, successful character in Hollywood movies. I’d say… Eddy Redmayne, in “My week with Marilyn”. Because people say I look like him a little bit.

Tell us something that might surprise people.

I have a twin brother.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Creative – Determined – Private

Dinner for four – you and 3 others – living or otherwise – who would you invite and why?

A Scientist: Albert Einstein
An Artist: Eric Clapton
A Beautiful Actress: Scarlett Johansson (But she might end-up with Clapton…)

– Sébastien Bagot

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This profile was published in November 2014.