Improv Workshop

Improv workshop

Improv Workshop – open to all and free of charge

Free your minds and bodies after a long week of daily grind. Let our very talented improvisation hosts guide you through an evening of fun in our improv workshop!

Here’s a chance to try your hand at various theatrical exercises and skits, using your body, voice and creative imagination. No experience or rehearsals needed – just come along and take part. Our improv workshops are run in a way that allows newcomers to feel comfortable and included from the outset.

This is a great chance to meet new friends and at the same time learn new skills and get the feeling of being on stage – without being on stage!

Improv workshops are held on the last Friday of every month. This means that they are a great way to get over a stressful week and to get your energy levels up for the weekend ahead!

Improv workshops are held at Café Cadeau, H.C. Ørstedsvej 28. Café Cadeau has graciously allowed us to use their premises free of charge – and they also serve great food and drinks at very reasonable prices.

How to participate

Simply show up at the venue at the announced time. However, if there are too many participants, people who have signed up via the Improv Workshop events on our Meetup page will be given preference.

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