Poetry and Pints

Poetry & PintsPoetry & Pints – open to all and free of charge

What on earth is “Poetry & Pints” you may ask. In fact, it’s just an informal get-together each month where we meet and talk about theatre or anything else we feel like talking about. The only difference is that you may suddenly find that the person next to you stands up and recites some poetry (original or otherwise) or tells a joke or a story. Anyone is welcome to do so. But there’s no requirement whatsoever to recite anything, so don’t be put off by the thought that you will be expected to perform. We’re just relaxed and friendly people who welcome anyone interested in theatre.

Starting August 2014,  Poetry & Pints has merged with Copenhagen Poetry Club at no cost whatsoever. Well, it does mean that you might have a few more people to buy a pint for… Copenhagen Poetry Club has an Open Mic event on the first Monday of every month at 8 PM at La Fontaine, a centrally located, charming old jazz venue at Kompagnistræde 11. You can read more about it at La Fontaine’s website.

All are welcome, including your friends and colleagues. Cheers!

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