Meet your committee

The committee is the governing body of the CTC. The current committee was elected at the AGM in June 2017. You can  use the Contact us form to get in touch with the committee, if you have any questions about the CTC or suggestions for activities and plays.


 Andrew Whalley (Chairman)

Andrew is an analyst by day and an actor by night. You’ve seen him in Robin Hood, Kafka’s Dick and Topsy-Turvy. Look for him in The First. 


Rachel Kador (Vice-chair)

Rachel is the committee’s resident songbird, always ready to suggest a musical or two. You saw her in Robin Hood. Oh yes you did!


Andrew Blackwell (Membership Manager)

Andrew, having recently managed our finances, decided to take a break and just manage all of our members instead. Easy!


Seraina Nett (Communications Manager)

After giving her stage debut for the CTC as the evil mastermind Princess Pariah in Old King Cole, Seraina recently flexed her directorial muscle with #Wonderland in Topsy-Turvy.


Nino Burini (Secretary)

Nino is a CTC veteran both on and off-stage. He’s appeared in multiple Pantos and is currently serving in his second committee position.

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Kristian Husted (Treasurer)

After appearing in Topsy-Turvy tales, Kristian moved on to directing. His CTC directorial debut is this season’s The First.

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Svava Davidsdottir, Angelique Giroir, Christopher Osborn, & Kriti Prajapati (Ordinary members)

Our ordinary members are extra-ordinary in our eyes. They are each experienced CTC members on stage, back stage, and within the committee.