Gaby Neubert-Luckner

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Denmark?P1260644

I’m originally from Manhattan Beach, California but I’ve lived in both London, UK and Venice, Italy for several years. I’ve lived in Copenhagen since March of 2009.

How have you been involved with the CTC?

I was first cast in The Blue Room in early 2010 and voted onto the committee soon afterwards. In addition to The Blue Room, I’ve had the pleasure of performing onstage in Allo ‘Allo, The Good Doctor and Alarms, CTC’s entry at FEATS in 2013.

I’ve been involved with PR and communications for the following productions: A Christmas Carol (2010), ‘Allo ‘Allo (2011), Cinderella (2011), The Good Doctor (2012), Calendar Girls (2012), Aladdin (2012), The Importance of Being Earnest (2013), Twelve Angry Men (2013), Oscar and Felix (2013), Old King Cole (2013),  The Dining Room (2014) and Beyond Therapy (2014).

I have been part of an incredible period of growth and change in the group, and it has been wonderful to have played a part in this.

What is your greatest CTC achievement so far?

I’m most proud of the PR campaign we did for Calendar Girls and the connection we made with Rigshospitalet. Not only was it a fantastic show but we donated 20.000 DKK (the majority of the show’s profit) to the Haematology Department, for a special project researching the impact of physical exercise on patients in chemotherapy. I think it was a milestone for the group as well as connecting in a new way to the community.

What is your favourite play?

Tough call… Twelfth Night, A Streetcar Named Desire, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?  – all wonderful, but I love the play Noises Off by Michael Frayn.

Who would you cast as yourself in a movie of your life?

Meryl Streep, of course.

Tell us something that might surprise people.

As a child I used to Irish Dance competitively.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Whimsical, hard-working and optimistic.

Dinner for four – you and 3 others – living or otherwise – who would you invite and why?

Artemisia Gentileschi, an incredibly talented female Baroque painter, who in the seventeenth century was seen as a bit of a curiosity. I’d love to ask her about her choice of subjects, technique and what it was like to be one of the only female artists at that time.

Tom Robbins, because he is one of my favourite writers. He is a master story teller, well researched and wonderfully weird.

Peggy Guggenheim, the unconventional art collector who was a shrewd business woman and revolutionary in her approach to collecting art and fostering talented artists. I think she would have some interesting stories to tell!