Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage for CTC members

As a member of DATS (Dansk Amatør Teater Samvirke), the CTC benefits from their occupational injury insurance (arbejdsskadeforsikring). This covers, for example, medical treatment costs and loss of earnings, as well as compensation for permanent injury and, in the case of death, funeral costs and compensation to any dependents.

However, the insurance only covers paid-up and registered members of the CTC. It does not cover audience members or non-members asked to help out, for example, in running a stage production.

Also, members are only covered if they are injured while carrying out a task that they would not normally do. In other words, it is rather uncertain as to whether any given injury would be covered by this insurance. We have investigated insurance of this kind specifically for the CTC and precisely the same conditions apply, so it would not be any advantage to take out and pay for our own insurance cover.

Given this situation, we urge all our members to check whether they have their own occupational injury insurance and, if not, to consider taking out such a policy. This is the best way we can think of to cover our membership should an accident occur in the course of CTC activities.

It would also be a good idea for members to consider taking out personal liability insurance to cover them should they be judged responsible for injury to someone else.