British Pantomime – The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen poster – click to see larger version

Copenhagen Theatre Circle proudly presented its fourth traditional British Pantomime The Snow Queen,  based on Hans Christian Andersen’s immortal story. Fun for all the family with high-energy theatre, singing, dancing, audience participation and even some cross-dressing!

PERFORMANCES – 14 January to 18 January 2015


Lyngby Kulturhus, Klampenborgvej 215B, 2800 Lyngby (

The Story

Written by Alistair Ferguson, this new version of the story follows the adventures of Kai and Gerda, who believe they are both far too old for fairy tales – especially the streetwise Kai. But when their Grandmother tells them the tale of The Snow Queen, they suddenly find themselves getting caught up in the story when the Snow Queen’s half-baked henchman Jack Frost comes a-calling.

Add to the tale a Crow, a Raven, a Reindeer, a Handsome Prince with a dark secret of his own and a kindly stranger – who bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain Christmas visitor – and you have a Pantomime full of fun, excitement and lots of chills!

See the press release in English here.

See the press release in Danish here.

The Cast

Grandma Gretchen, Kai, Old Nikolaj and a Copenhagener

Sibernia (The Snow Queen): Cæcilie Skov Laybourn
Jack Frost: Armann Bernhard Ingunnarson
Snowdrop: Tim Haigh
Gerda: Ela Mercado
Grandma Gretchen: Eira Pryce
Kai: Patrick Presencer
Goosepimples: Gizem Mutlu
Nippy: Tuulia Lindholm
Prince Boreas: Karolina Zydelyte
Drizzle: Cheryl Wormsbecker
Snaffles the Sneaky: Sylvia Linehan
Old Nikolaj: Hubert Baumeister
Frosties: Helena Twarowski, Natalie Haigh, Lucia Pitman
Ice Trolls, Robbers, Stall Holders: Federica Genovese, Nino Burini, , Svava Daviðsdóttir, Agnes Henriksen, Malene Ford, Seraina Nett, Francisco Taberna, Sara Juntunen, David Murphy, Sarah Whitehouse
Snowflakes: Liyah Asvat, Teagan Wordial, Veda Robidoux, Tanishaa Joshi, Anelotte Espeskog, Orla O’Shea, Rebecca Keogh, Katie McBride, Eabha McBride, Maya Blouse

The Team

The Snow Queen was directed by Debbie Taylor and Lisa Buckley, both no strangers to pantomime. Debbie also directed our previous pantomime Old King Cole, and has acted in The Good Doctor, Calendar Girls and The Dining Room. Lisa also helmed Oscar & Felix, and acted in Aladdin , The Importance of Being Earnest and The Dining Room.