Oscar and Felix: A New Look at The Odd Couple




By Neil Simon


Directed by Lisa Buckley


Nino Burini, Micah Epstein, Brendan O’Gorman, Aidan O’Shea, Bea Perry,  Martin Popplewell, Raymond Shinn, Caroline Stampone

2–6 and 8–12 October 2013

Copenhagen Theatre Circle (CTC) is proud to present Neil Simon’s Oscar and Felix: A New Look at The Odd Couple.

The Odd Couple is a 1965 Broadway play by Neil Simon that was followed by a successful film and television series as well as other derivative works and spin-offs, many featuring one or more of the same actors. The plot concerns two mismatched roommates, one neat and uptight, the other more easy-going and slovenly.

Neil Simon has rewritten his original script twice: once in 1986 with the sexes of the characters reversed (The Female Odd Couple) and again in 2002, bringing his original male version up to date and revising some aspects of the script. The CTC is performing the 2002 version of the play.

In the world of comedy, there are certain fictional characters who are enduring, and Oscar Madison and Felix Unger certainly belong in that category. The Odd Couple pits slobbish Oscar Madison against his best-friend-turned-roommate, the ultrafastidious Felix Unger, in a pitched battle to see who’ll drive the other insane first. Oscar has been a bachelor since his wife kicked him out years before. Now he lives as he pleases, which means his apartment is in a constant state of disarray and he hosts regular poker games with his pals. Refreshments include warm soda, beer and either brown or green sandwiches, which he carries to the poker table under his arms. Enter Felix, who has just been given the boot by his wife. With nowhere to turn, he shows up at Oscar’s place where his friends, tipped off about the breakup, are constantly – and hilariously – on guard against their distraught friend attempting suicide.

Oscar allows Felix to stay at the apartment for a while but soon finds that his friend has become the guest from hell. Felix can’t tolerate Oscar’s pigsty existence, and Oscar goes ballistic over Felix’s fixation on perfection. Even the poker game suffers when Roy stomps out after discovering that Felix has disinfected the deck of cards. The final straw is when Felix – out of guilt, fear or both – ruins Oscar’s chances for an evening of hot Latin romance with the steamy Costazuela sisters, who, in their faulty English, describe how they like to eat “no goods” (nougats) and, on hot evenings, walk around their apartment “in the buffet”.

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